This blog chronicles a group of twenty-somethings reconnecting with arts and culture. Past favourites with be revisited alongside new discoveries and experiences. The focus will mainly be on art, music, literature, food and history, though this may change depending on discovered along the way!

Alana Farrell

Alana Farrell

Alana with her favourite large hat

Hello, I am Alana and I founded Rediscovering Culture to cope with the fact that I seemed to have lost all my hobbies and interests. After studying at university,  work soon took over and I found myself as a young lady of a certain age, bored and dull. Now things have improved immensely after I began to make an effort to get out into the world and see what was on offer. I decided to chronicle what I found through this site, to share it with the wider world.

When I am not writing you can find me on the Xbox, singing, decorating my apartment, playing with my cat, or with my head in a book. I also spend far too much time on the Twitter. I have a love for all things Harry Clarke, owls, bows and lace.

You can find me on the Twitter: @CecilExplorer

Emer Farrell

Emer in her tower with a Mario Kart Wheel

Emer in her tower with a Mario Kart Wheel

Name’s Emer, however many did think I was actually called Emu back where I was born. You can find me mostly in my bedroom, probably on the internet,  tending to my Tumblr blog or shaking my head at the idiocy that resides on the world wide web. I also like to bake and sing, so you could say I’m like a modern day Disney princess, holed up in her tower (even if it is willingly so). I firmly believe that every video game needs a “Bloody Mess” perk and I want to be Betty Draper when I grow up.

As a student of music and English, I would like to think that I have gained at least some insights into these specific cultural areas. I will be using part of this knowledge bank which I have acquired, to write some hopefully very interesting things for you to read.

You can find me on both Twitter and Tumblr.

Patrick Haugseng

Patrick "padpad" Haugseng

Patrick “padpad” Haugseng

Hello internets, I’m Patrick, researcher extraordinaire. I spend my days on search engines and RSS readers. I love TV, food, sugar, technology and politics, so chances are I’ll probably be writing about all of those. Wherever I am you’ll find me gawping at a screen or going wild on Twitter. Fingers crossed I won’t write anything libelous, but then again it’s not my blog so there’s a good chance.

 You can follow my ramblings on twitter @PadPad which is an old nickname (and not a Harry Potter character – Ed.)

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  1. Ronan Farrell said:

    Great articles ma petite !

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