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If you like to write, you know better than any one how annoying writer’s block can be. Often you would like to write, but can’t think of where to even begin. A lot of the time it is best to wait it out and return to your work once you have a clear head and a fresh perspective. Sometimes, though, you do not want to wait. The urge to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard is too strong. So what do you do?

Thanks to the magic of the internet you may have a solution. Now, you can Google image search dolphins swimming at sunset, or pictures of celebrities visiting Africa in order to feel inspired again. If that works for you. Some people may want a more explicit form of writing motivation, and they can have it thanks to Seventh Sanctum.

Seventh Sanctum is one of the many “generators” that reside on the web. Most generators online deal solely with names which is great, after all, who has time to think about naming minor characters when you have to figure out how an entire plot will work. Writers are often guilty of focusing on the parts they find easy or enjoy exploring such as relationships between characters, or the filler part of the narrative rather than the end or the beginning. So thankfully, Seventh Sanctum has a collection of generators to help you with the aspects of your writing that you find difficult to come up with ideas for. There is an extensive list of name generators ranging from fantasy character names right down to ship names. The site also caters to plot, boasting a what-if-inator.
– Selection of generators on offer on the site.

I won’t bore you by going through each and every generator that Seventh Sanctum has, because it is quite the list. Go explore the site, perhaps your first novel or award winning short story is a few randomly generated clicks away.